Located in sunny San Diego, we have an experienced team who is top-to-bottom committed to creating incredible products. Headwater has more than 10 years of experience creating comprehensive product programs for our clients. We strive to memorialize the incredible experiences your customers have at your venue by thoughtfully designing, painstakingly sampling, and attentively sourcing unique, high-quality, and unforgettable products.

Why Headwater?

Your customer has just finished an amazing day with the family making a memory that will, hopefully, last a lifetime.

They have savored every moment of the day…the juicy burger and beer they had overlooking an incredible sunset, kayaking on the lake, winning that giant plush doughnut at the ring toss, riding the giant wooden roller coaster. Now, sadly, it’s over. Nobody wants a great thing to end, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

A match made in heaven

Our clients make incredible memories and experiences for their customers. Headwater creates products that keep those memories alive long after they are experienced. Low cost, junky, chachi items are fine for tourist traps, but our clients operate destination venues that are unique & one of a kind. Their customers are coming from every state, even all over the world. A trinket won’t do.

Headwater creates products that are worth keeping; products that are worth putting out for all to see and spending a little more on because they become part of the lives of those who purchase them.

Meet the Founders

Cory Verner


(760) 815-7771


Cory has been sourcing products in Asia for more than 10 years. He spent years in China identifying world-class manufacturers for clients in the US. He remains committed to creating products that are so good they’re left out for everyone to see and talk about!

Levi Verner


(760) 215-2721


Levi got his first job as an intern at 17. He quickly worked his way up to lead financial analyst managing investment analysis, proformas & budgets for several multimillion dollar companies. Along the way, after learning the business he has decided to throw his hat in with alongside his Dad too. They co-founded headwater in 2018 after migrating clients and projects from the previous entity Asia Direct Global, LTD.

Featured Partner

(10 years)

Harris Ma

Founder of Shun On Toys

Shun On Toys was founded in 1984 by Harris Ma and started as an OEM supplier focused only on plush toys. Starting without a factory, the company had to source reliable suppliers and necessary supports. After many hardworking years, Shun On Toys had built good relationships and secured networks assisting the company to where they are today. We strive to provide satisfying and quality services that bond ourselves closely with our customers.

Years later, Shun On TOYS became the OEM manufacturer for big organizations from Japan, Europe, U.S. and Hong Kong. We achieved annual sales estimating 30 million U.S. Dollars at the peak of our businesses with our HQ in Hong Kong, and factories throughout China. The company had grown since 1984 to owning factories and employing over 500 workers. Pieces of machinery in the factories were used in the production of soft and hard toys and could manufacture materials to end products through the processes of sewing, stuffing, packaging, packing, modeling and formulating electronic components.

In the past years of operations, Shun on Toys has established relationships with several big international organizations. Our experience started with Sad Sam, Rudolph, Disney, and Garfield. Outside of the European and American brands, we also had business with Japanese Organizations manufacturing one of the best selling animations - Pokémon.

We are currently dealing with Banpresto HK Ltd, Hasbro Inc, MGA Entertainment (HK) Ltd, TMS, Jakks Pacific, Jelly Belly and M&Ms.